Redondo Beach Engagement Portrait
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Redondo Beach Engagement Portrait

From the dreamy quality of this engagement portrait, it's hard to believe that its setting, Redondo Beach, is only a short drive from the hustle and bustle of LA County. We are especially proud of shots like these, where we can give the illusion that the couple are the only two people on the beach. The foamy tide, dynamic cloud formations and the curve of the path of footsteps all give a sense of ebb and flow, and of journey behind the couple as well as ahead of them. And the wind caught the bride-to-be's dress in a perfect way, adding extra drama and romance to this sweeping moment.

During an engagement shoot, we always keep in mind that it's important to get landscape style images like this one, as well as more up close and personal shots of our clients. Whether it's for a large print at the wedding reception, a two page spread in a guest book, a canvas print in a living room or just a post on instagram, we recognize how beautifully our SoCal beaches show up in photographs, and we never miss an opportunity to showcase them in all their glory.

Location: Redondo Beach, CA.