Orange County Vintage Car Engagement Photo
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Orange County Vintage Car Engagement Photo

This Orange County couple found their own lookout point, for a throwback engagement photo op that featured a classic vintage car and starry sky. That evening, we were rebels with a capture unique and romantic shots that would serve as wonderful memories of this special time in our client's relationship. This image calls to mind a lingering goodbye after a date, where the promise of the thrill of the first kiss hangs in the air. Having the bride to be kick up her heel was a fun, feminine touch that added to that old movie vibe as well. Drama was amplified by the shadow cast by the car's lines, and the the shape of the trees added atmospheric dimension to the background.

We love photographing cars and think they make such a fun addition to engagement and wedding photography alike. This model suited our stylish couple perfectly.

Location: San Juan Capistrano Train Station.