Orange County Power Couple Engagement Photos
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Orange County Power Couple Engagement Photos

This Orange County power couple met through work in commercial real estate, so it's fitting that their engagement photos combined their professional and personal lives. This image was created on the helipad of a tall building that was not yet occupied. We love the confident, sexy pose of the bride to be in her sophisticated pencil skirt, while the groom to be gazes at her from a distance, behind designer sunglasses. Her larger than life positioning in the foreground tells a fun, seductive story (sort of reminiscent of the iconic leg shot in the film the Graduate).

We love hearing about our clients' individual love stories and mixing in elements of how they met into an engagement session. This is the best way to create shots like this that are rarely seen in romantic photography. And it makes our job so much more fun knowing we about to do something that is brand new to us too!

Location: Helipad on high rise building, Orange County, California.