Las Vegas Neon Sign Engagement Photography
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Las Vegas Neon Sign Engagement Photography

Las Vegas is a gold mine of neon signs and irreverent spots for fun engagement photography. We were lucky enough to shoot at one of the best spots for both, the Neon Sign Bone Yard, where all the old iconic signs were laid to rest. Because all of these relics tell such a story of the city's colorful history, it was the perfect spot for clients looking to encapsulate a show stopping vibe in their shoot. Recently, the owners closed it for renovation when it became too hectic, and a little dangerous due in large part to all the interest from photographers and their "models", as well as architecture aficionados. We were fortunate to capture this image during one of the last shoots allowed there before the long renovation, when the boneyard was still a very cool "raw" and gritty location.

Location: Neon Sign Bone Yard, Las Vegas, Nevada .