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Las Vegas Engagement Photography

There probably isn't a more stylish welcome sign to a city than the one that announces you've arrived in Las Vegas, and we are always thrilled to get a chance to photograph engagement sessions there. The sign's vintage mix of glamor and kitsch is such an appropriate tribute to this party Mecca, and our couple definitely brought their "ready to have fun" vibe with them. You can feel their chemistry as they embrace playfully in stylish denim and in the bride's case, a rat pack inspired hat. The perfect placement of palm trees and and towering hotels in the distance are unmistakeable landmarks from the place that has hosted a myriad of weddings, planned and not so planned, throughout the years.

It's not an easy task to do professional photography at this, iconic and very visited location, that is rarely empty during the day. We had to sneak in between tour busses full of tourists that all wanted photos next to the sign.

We would tell you more about what this day had in store for our lovebirds.... but... what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Location: Las Vegas Stripp, Nevada.