Laguna Engagement Portrait
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Laguna Engagement Portrait

In Laguna, there is no shortage of photogenic spots for an engagement portrait, and that is why we feel so fortunate to be based nearby. A sweet and lovely, straight ahead shot like this is a staple of any guestbook as it makes a wonderful cover image or first page, simply introducing us to the beautiful couple looking their best. It can also be a fantastic addition to guestbook layout, paired with a shot of the duo laughing, kissing, or just walking the path hand in hand. Whatever the choice ends up being, we know how useful getting a simple and beautifully shot set up like this is. As much as we love capturing dramatic landscapes and sprawling scenes, ultimately it's as important if not more important to truly see our couples' faces in all their radiant joy during this exciting time in their lives.

It's also a great opportunity to show off some brilliant color coordination, as this pair did with springtime pinks in their wardrobe!

Location: Laguna Beach, CA.