Laguna Beach Sunset Engagement Session
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Laguna Beach Sunset Engagement Session

Laguna Beach is the prefect place to go when seeking amazing sunset views for your engagement session, and this location is among our favorite spots. In this case, we couldn't get any luckier as this gaggle of Pelicans were chasing the sun in perfect formation, just an instant before the sun went below the horizon. It was certainly a case of excellent timing! Moments like this can be missed if your photography team does not possess expert skill with camera settings and composition. At Barnet Photography we are confident that we have the chops to achieve magical moments like this because we are ably armed with years of technical know-how. Mother Nature doesn't always provide such serendipitous avian choreography, but when she does, we are at the ready. This couple could certainly make this an impactful final page in their guest sign-in book, or a beautiful large print for their home.

Location: Laguna Beach, California.