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Laguna Beach Engagement Sessions

Anyone familiar with Laguna Beach knows it's an ideal spot for an engagement session. And anyone who has been photographed on the beach knows there's a good chance you may get sandy, maybe a little wet, and your perfect beachy waves hairdo may get a little more...well...beachy in the wind. That's all part of the charm of it for sure, but we recognize that our clients might want a few images taken before they set foot on the sand, and maybe in that outfit or pair of shoes that isn't as conducive surf-side.

That's why we love to "pre-game" it with our couples and snap a few photos of them before we go to the beach. This is a great opportunity to capture some intimate, more close up moments that are less about the scenery and more about the couple's chemistry. It was also a great time to play with black and white processing, as it was not a photo set against a blue sky on golden sand, but simply a timeless moment between two people who love each other. Ultimately, though our SoCal locations are always breathtaking, we always take steps to ensure that any engagement session is more about your love story itself, and that it shines as the most eye catching thing of all.

Location: Laguna Beach, CA.