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Laguna Beach Engagement Photography

It's no wonder that Laguna Beach is such a sought after destination for engagement and wedding photography. With it's oceanside bluffs, sea caves, natural tide pools and acres of protected wilderness, the community is incredibly picturesque. And for couples with a creative flare, visiting the town's numerous art galleries followed by a glass of wine at a seaside hotel bar can be a nice come down from an afternoon of shooting engagement photos.

This couple wore the perfect outfits to compliment the deep blue sky and ocean that are in the background. And we love their pose that almost looks like the groom just had to spontaneously pull his love in close as thy strolled along this landing, so inspired was he by her beauty and that of their surroundings. An image like this is dramatic and striking enough to be a prime candidate for a large print for the wedding reception, or a full page spread in a guest book.

Location: Laguna Beach Promanade, California.