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Sometimes your neighborhood park where you like to picnic on weekends can end up being a prime spot for your engagement photography, as was the case with this gem in Irvine, CA. The combination of beautiful late afternoon backlight combined with off camera lighting and our low angle vantage point all came together to transform the scene into something very special. We love how the passionate moment between the trees seems so private and serene. Yet, there's an unmistakable inner fire in that kiss, which is also reflected in the vibrant red of the bride-to-be's eye catching dress. One could imagine that this would make a lovely closing page to a guest book, or a sweet addition to the reception in the form of a large print.

We always love hearing about where you like to go as a couple to gain some peace and steal some romantic moments away from the urban sprawl. Often a neighborhood park already has good vibes and comfort built in for you, which is always something that shines through in portraits. Choosing a familiar place is a great way to ensure that your engagement shoot feel unique to you and highly personal, and literally captures an element of where you were at this time in your lives.

Location: Irvine, Orange County.