Fun Engagement Portraits Orange County
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Fun Engagement Portraits Orange County

There's no reason why the fun you have together as a couple in your day to day lives should not come through genuinely in your engagement portraits, as this Orange County couple has so beautifully proven. The urban brick wall setting seemed like the perfect fit for the duo who kept it casual in denim and showed off their bold tattoos and obvious great chemistry. They could easily pass for models in a flirty ad for jeans.

We love to use a ring flash, more typically used in studio shoots, to give a special editorial feel. Additionally, we processed this image in a rich black and white, to add that extra edge and sense of spontaneity to an already memorable moment. We often discover added depth and story in an image in the post production phase of our work, and we take extra care to give each of your images the punch that will really get them noticed. We love how our clients reveal to us who they are in their portraits, and trust us to use our skills to tell their love story through photography.

Location: Orange County, CA.