Downtown Los Angeles Best Engagement Photos
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Downtown Los Angeles Best Engagement Photos

In a busy metropolitan area like downtown Los Angeles, sometimes we need planning and patience to capture the best engagement photos. The much sought after Walt Disney Concert Hall is one of the most exquisitely designed buildings in the entire city...and also happens to be on a very busy street, with lots of cars and pedestrians. We shot this image from across the street with a long lens, so we had to communicate directions to the couple using our iPhones on speaker mode. Once they were in position, it all came down to making sure the frame was clear of distractions. This moment happened when a pedestrian had just walked away... but we had to seize the opportunity because a bus was coming up fast. If your dream is to have engagement photos taken in a city setting, it's important to hire a professional photography team that can strike while the iron is hot and be ready to take the photo at the most opportune time. It's also worth finding those with experience shooting at your desired location who can plan out how to achieve a vision in spite of whatever challenges arise.

Location: Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, California.