Disney Concert Hall Engagement Session
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Disney Concert Hall Engagement Session

The iconic Disney Concert Hall is one of Los Angeles' architectural marvels, so it it no wonder that it is one of our favorite locations for engagement sessions. The modern curves of the structure's walls, that offer a beautiful silvery reflection, are completely unique and stunningly photogenic. It even has a number of garden settings to add some greenery to a very urban location. Cocktail and evening attire look great as wardrobe choices here, because the very shape of the building's design exudes elegance and culture. Since the concert hall is a much desired spot for photography, it is important to have a number of "go-to" options if we need to work around other photographers on shoots of their own...luckily we have worked there many times over the years and know the lay of the land completely. We can guarantee that our clients will have a comprehensive selection of images, regardless of whether we shoot on a busy weekend or not.

Location: Disney Hall, Downtown Los Angeles, California.