Casual Santa Monica Engagement Session
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Casual Santa Monica Engagement Session

When you know you'll be getting your feet wet during your engagement session at Santa Monica pier, sometimes a casual look of rolled up jeans and tees is the best way to go. We love this image because it seems like a slice of life for this couple, like we caught them on a private stroll on a regular Saturday. There is something extra romantic about a spontaneous post brunch outing to the beach, and this image calls to mind such special times.

We ventured under the Santa Monica Pier with this couple, looking towards the ocean and the setting sun. The reflections on the smooth, wet sand give an amazing sense of place, while the algae and barnacle covered pillars holding up the pier provide eye catching texture that make this image stand out. The challenge in this type of environment is dealing with the extreme back-light, so a little "fill" flash was used to balance the exposure. We love working in this location... it's never the same from one day to the next, but that makes it fun for us, as well as our clients.

Location: Santa Monica Beach next to the Pier.