Best Southern California Engagement Photography
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Best Southern California Engagement Photography

Some might say that Southern California is one of the best suited locations for romantic engagement photography, and they would get no arguments from us. We feel lucky to have access to the amazing beaches and ocean views our beautiful state has to offer. And with year round agreeable weather, a shot like this is achievable most any date on the calendar, if your photographers know what they're doing... This image is extra special because this groom to be used to work as a lifeguard near this area.

When Joe worked as a newspaper photographer, clouds this were what they called "PR clouds", because they make any scene, location or building look great. The Pacific Ocean offered up the most photogenic white caps amidst the dramatic rock formations where our handsome couple stands in an embrace. And with a special guest appearance by the cutest lone seagull, everything came together to make this the perfect beach image. It is a strong example of why SoCal earns a rightful placement at the top of the country's photography destinations.

Location: Laguna Beach, California .