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Beauty Products Studio Photography Costa Mesa

Product photography of beauty and skin care products at Barnet Studio in Costa Mesa, CA

This image of three products together is the result of two or three exposures composited into the final one. With the different surfaces and shapes of three items it's very difficult and time consuming to have perfect lighting everywhere in the image, so we often make several exposures to render different parts of a product that require lighting that would not work for the rest of the image, then in post we blend the best parts of each exposure into one final image. It sounds complicated but it's actually very efficient, especially if we are photographing many items in the same session.

This image was made on very reflective white plexiglass for the product reflections on the bottom. This also can be achieved in post, but it's more efficient and realistic, to use the plexiglass.

A good product photographer must weigh the time and resources needed to complete a project with the intended use of the image. Photos destined to be shown full page in a National magazine add require more careful execution than images to be used in a trade catalogue. One of our very important jobs is to be as cost effective to our clients as possible, this is why we have many clients that always use our services for their product photography.

Location: Costa Mesa, CA.