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Military Portrait Photography

This retired US Armed Forces officer came to our studio in Costa Mesa to get his formal portrait taken, and we saw it as an honor to tell some of his story through photography. By shooting him in front of a neutral but richly textured backdrop, and with him wearing a similarly toned shirt, what really stands out are the medals and badges that each represent a milestone of his service. We played around with having him wear the imposing aviator glasses, pictured here, but also gave him a chance to pose without them. And his firm, confident and protective stance in front of the American Flag is a great testament to the bravery and sacrifice our armed forces display every day.

People often think about commissioning a portrait for someone newly graduated, or starting off in a new position at a firm. Maybe the inclination is to document beginnings. But there is a new stage that also happens during retirement, which can be an ending but also a kind of beginning. It's nice to honor all that one has been, but also what may be in store...and to acknowledge ones legacy with a lasting memory like this.

Location: Costa Mesa, CA.