Casual Business Headshot Session Orange County
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Casual Business Headshot Session Orange County

This Orange County business executive opted for a casual, tie-less look for his headshot session with us, which suits his open and welcoming expression perfectly. We shot many of his colleagues as well that day, and offered them a chance to see each shot on a monitor so they get a sense of how the shoot was going. In those situations sometimes a decision to unbutton a button or remove a tie can happen spontaneously, and the subject can check out the new look on a monitor and decide if he or she is on the right track.

A clean, white background can really pop on a website but to account for the actual web page possibly being white as well, we use gradated paper so the image will stand out no matter what. Also aiding in the "pop" department is our beautiful, natural retouching that is always done after the client selects a favorite from a password protected online gallery. We take every step to make sure your portrait are eye catching, and will fit in impeccably on your company's website.

Location: Barnet Photography Studio, Costa Mesa, CA.