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Top Orange County Headshot Photographer

This headshot was one of many taken at a Women in Tech conference in Orange County, CA. Though it is a simple shot on a white background, achieving this quality is anything but basic. At Barnet Photography we understand how to make use of directional light so faces never appear dull or flat. Also, the background is not pure white, especially at the top, so that if it used against a white surface or web page, it will still stand out.

For shoots like this where we are photographing multiple subjects, we often shoot "tethered" so that clients can see themselves on the monitor and make sure they are happy with how things are going. It is important to us that each and every subject feels like their needs are being are being met, no matter how any others appear before before the lens that day. We pride ourselves on supplying a nice variety of choices for our clients, so everyone comes away with an image that truly feels like them.

Location: Irvine, CA.