Senior Portrait Photographer, Pasadena
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Senior Portrait Photographer, Pasadena

Barnet Photography in Pasadena, California, specializes in Senior Portrait Photography. This image is a formal Senior Portrait in cap & gown using the specific background requested by the school. This way our client's image will be included in the school's yearbook along with the rest of the graduating seniors even though it was not created by the "official" school photography company. Senior Photography Studios obtain contracts from schools to photograph all students and sometimes school events such as dances and sports activities. Consequently, these companies rely on volume, especially when it comes to the students' portraits and can't take the time to work with each student individually as long as it takes to create a good number of great images for the family to choose from, retouching also tends to be minimal and not customized to each student.

Families that choose Barnet Photography for senior photos receive longer sessions including wardrobe changes and environmental settings if requested, as well as formal studio backgrounds and custom retouching of selected images.

Location: Costa Mesa, California, Barnet Photography Studio.