Owner and Dog Portraits in Pasadena
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Owner and Dog Portraits in Pasadena

Orange County dog owners take note-- we love taking portraits of local pooches and their beloved owners at our studio and out and about! For instance, this miniature poodle, draped over her mom's arm and just oozing personality. Her owner is doing great in that department too, looking genuinely joyful having quality time with her best friend.

There's something about the combination of a formal studio setting and the irreverence of animals that just works in a wonderful, quirky way. We all take endless photos of our pets with our phones, but often we cannot join them in the frame. If you want quality memories with your dog or cat, consider a portrait session with a professional who loves animals as much as you do--at Barnet Photography, we promise fun, kindness and patience while we inspire your pet's signature expressions to come shining through.

Location: Costa Mesa, CA.