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Los Angeles Official Portrait Photographer

Among other professional clients, Barnet Photography photographs Federal Judges in Southern California Districts. We come to various courthouses with location studio lighting . We bring backgrounds or use the existing environment, depending on the type of portraits we are requested to do. The final images delivered to our clients are always fully retouched to make our subjects look their very best, but never over-retouched. We are always happy to accommodate retouching requests. When we work with busy professionals on location we always arrive early enough to find the best area to set up our "studio" and are always ready to start when promised. The actual picture taking time per subject is minimal, allowing them to go back to their work quickly. Our professional Clients also include Law Firms, Medical Groups, University professors, Senior Care staff, Hospitality and Catering staff at local Premium venues, Chamber of Commerce members, business executives, etc. Everyone in business has an online presence and needs a great headshot.

Location: US Federal Court Building, Los Angeles, California.