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We photographed this portrait of a group of judges outside the Los Angeles Federal courthouse. We arrived early, got the location ready and tested lighting well before the judges arrived, as we knew we had little time to spare when there were so many groups to photograph. For that reason, there is a certain amount of pressure when we get this sort of assignment... luckily, we are seasoned pros who operate well under pressure, so we are able to meet the needs of this client consistently.

Also fortunately, we have the miracle of photoshop available to swap out eyes that are closed or faces that had better expressions in one frame as opposed to the other. With a group this size it is common for such corrections to be made, but our expert team can pull this off seamlessly so there is no way to tell which subjects have been tweaked. This way everyone looks their best, and an otherwise perfect shot needn't be discarded because only one person had their eyes closed. We love how striking and balanced the composition of this photograph is, befitting the stature of its honorable subjects.

Location: Federal Court Building, Los Angeles, CA.