Business Executive Portrait Orange County
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Business Executive Portrait Orange County

Just because a portrait is being used for business does not mean it has to be overly formal, as this fun- loving Orange County executive shows. The simplicity of the medium gray background paper and his gray suit juxtapose wonderfully with his vibrant red tie and even more vibrant smile. It's obvious that he enjoys his life and what he does, and who wouldn't want to work with someone like that?

There are so many uses for a headshot like this, including on a company's website, on social media platforms and in materials promoting speaking engagement, webinars, and more. With so much business being done online, a portrait that stands out is a tremendously important tool for any ambitious person. It's also a great resource to have in your back pocket, as you never know when someone will need to post a photo of you to let the world know you will be contributing at a conference, event or online forum.

Location: Barnet Photography Studio, Costa Mesa, CA.