Business Consultant Headshot Orange County
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Business Consultant Headshot Orange County

This headshot of an Orange County business consultant was shot in our studio on gradated medium gray background paper. This sort of backdrop gives a clean, contemporary and classic look, almost like a nicely tailored suit, and doesn't compete at all with the subject. In this case, his look is so natural, frank and straightforward, it would certainly be a shame to not have his face be the central thing about the image.

Some male clients wonder about retouching and what level of post production we do for them. We keep things natural and subtle, but we definitely think all our clients regardless of gender can use a little "optimizing" to deliver a great, polished look. As experienced digital artists, we know exactly the right amount needed to keep our clients looking like themselves, just the best possible version.

Location: Barnet Photography Studio, Costa Mesa, CA.