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Beauty Headshot Photographers Los Angeles

Southern California is home to many beauty industry professionals, and with their expert handle on aesthetics, it's no surprise they are often naturals in front of a camera. For someone in this field, the headshot needs to be a little more glamorous and the skin retouching needs to look natural but polished. Here, the dark background sets off the subject nicely because she has light hair... darker haired clients are generally offered a lighter toned background.

We often do horizontal headshots in addition to vertical ones in order to make them stand out. This orientation is also useful when the client chooses to include "copy" next to the image. For this, the subject is turned towards the negative space on purpose, to lead the viewer's eyes towards the copy on the right, if any. This background area can be "stretched to accommodate more or less copy when needed. We always aim to see the full vision of your website, and deliver the right image to compliment the text portion of any page, whether it be a bio, mission statement or interview.

Location: Pasadena, California.