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Studio Newborn Photography Costa Mesa

We love this example of newborn photography shot at our studio in Costa Mesa, CA. For best results, babies should be photographed at 10 days old and the session should be scheduled around his or her feeding time. We take care to provide a healthy and comfortable environment for the little ones and their families. Mirta is our newborn photographer and has had the immunizations recommended for adults who handle babies. We always keep the studio warm and we use various soft wraps, fabrics and other props that are well suited for infants.

Since mom and dad are usually coming to the studio anyway, we recommend that they come camera ready so we can include them in some shots as well. There's nothing like the scale of a newborn's hand when compared to daddy's when it comes to cute overload! These are memories parents will be so happy to have as their child gets bigger.

Location: Costa Mesa, CA.