Studio High Key Family Portrait Costa Mesa
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Studio High Key Family Portrait Costa Mesa

Studio high key family portrait in casual attire at our studio in Costa Mesa, California.

This is another wedding client that came back to us for family portraits. They are a great couple and we love seeing them again from time to time.

Light wardrobe colors work very well in high key studio portraits. This means that the background is very light or white. Even though both the background and the outfits are white, there is "separation", the white background does not blend with the white clothing, there is detail in the fabric and the skin is properly exposed (not too light or dark) this balance is achieved by lighting the background and our subjects at the perfect ratio without shadows in the wrong places. High key portraits are beautiful and timeless, they can be difficult to light for photographers who are not familiar with this style of studio portraiture, but when done right they look fabulous.