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Newborn Photographers Southern California

As photographers serving the Southern California area, we have enjoyed meeting so many families experiencing life with a newborn baby. Generally people opt to schedule a portrait session for a newborn at a younger age than this one month old, but having the baby be a bit older allowed for some flexibility with props and background we may not otherwise have. We love her alert expression and adorable tiny fingers and toes enjoying the tactile feel of the furry cushion.

Many parents opt to have a session with their baby at around this age, and then they come back a few months later to truly document the amazing growth that happens during these formative months. A great idea is to create an album with a few stages in a baby's first year so the visual memories will always exist, and the child can be shown what they were like when they were so small. Having a professional photographer capture these moments ensures that parents can participate in the experience rather than having to be the ones who document it. Parents are busy people! We love giving them the gift of knowing that they have a variety of great memories of their newborn they may not otherwise have had the time or opportunity to get.

Location: Costa Mesa, CA.