Mom and Daughter Formal Studio Portrait Costa Mesa
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Mom and Daughter Formal Studio Portrait Costa Mesa

We shot this mom and daughter formal studio portrait at our Costa Mesa studio as part of a very comprehensive session we did for the family. We did a combination of low key photography (dark background, dark wardrobe), and high key photography (light or white background with light colored clothing--pictured here). This gave the family two very different aesthetics in their final product--all in one day's work!

We love the beautiful antique settee they brought which was an actual family heirloom. The addition of a piece of furniture or wardrobe element that has been passed down through the generations lends a rich meaning to the idea of a family portrait, which itself becomes a family heirloom too. There's a certain thrill one gets when discovering an old photograph, and while these portraits are at the moment very new, one day a future great grandchild will look at them with curiosity and admiration for all the history that came before them.

Location: Costa Mesa, CA.