Laguna Beach Family Portrait
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Laguna Beach Family Portrait

Laguna Beach is such a fun place to shoot a family portrait session, not only for it's beautiful views but also because kids love being near the sand and surf. This precious daddy/daughter moment is so sweet, and calls to mind carefree Sundays at the shore (just a little more dressed up than usual). We love the matching pale pink wardrobe elements combined with casual jeans for dad that are the prefect choice for the setting.

When you are looking after very young children in your day to day life, it's not always convenient to pause and take that great shot with your phone--plus who knows what the light might be like, or if the child will get distracted. That's why we recommend hiring a skilled family portrait photographer, to make sure you have the best memories documented of your children at this wonderful age. As this daughter gets older she will love looking back on this time when she was so small and she fit so perfectly in daddy's arms.

Location: Laguna Beach, CA.