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This family portrait was photographed by Barnet Photography at our client's home in Pasadena, California. This family has us come out to their home every year to do Holiday portraits for use in Holiday cards and also for wall and gift portraits. The location is our client's front yard. A low angle, and the use of a long lens with a wide aperture helped us render the background in a way that does not compete with our subjects. The perfect time of day, late afternoon, and a little off camera lighting created the perfect light to blend well with the late afternoon highlights in the background.

We always have a phone consultation before our portrait sessions where we talk about wardrobe and makeup, as well as location and time of day. We also like to know the number and ages of the family members and to have an good idea of how many subgroups the family would like so we can time our session well within the narrow "golden light" window.

Location: Pasadena, California.