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Environmental Family Portrait Photography

This environmental family portrait of a mother and her three young children was done by Barnet Photography outside the client's home in San Marino, California. Good communication before the session about wardrobe and time of day resulted in a beautiful casual photo in a tight pyramid arrangement. When we first arrive at our clients home we listen carefully to their ideas and scout all the locations the clients have in mind for photos, but we also always look around on our own to see if we can come up with additional locations. In this case, the client suggested the grass covered back yard with a fenced pool(because of the young children) in the background. We suggested instead this walkway leading to the front door with their driveway in the background. They trusted our judgement and loved the photo. A shallow area of focus rendered the non-distracting background out of focus so it would not compete with our subjects. The portrait was lit with a large softbox at minimum power to addd direction to the light and to "open up" the eyes.

Location: Private residence in San Marino, California.