Environmental Family Portrait at Irvine Park
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Environmental Family Portrait at Irvine Park

We spent a beautiful Fall day shooting environmental portraits for this wonderful family at a picturesque park in Irvine, CA. This is one of our favorite spots for sessions of this kind, and we love how autumnal it looks here, especially for Southern California! All you need are boots and sweaters combos amidst the crunchy, amber leaves of the season.

Our aim is to give our clients the biggest bang for the buck, so we always photograph as many combinations of people as possible, starting with the whole family and going forward with subgroups from there. Some examples are Dad and the boys, mom and the girls, all the kids together and individually, some shots of mom and dad as a couple, etc... Photographing all these iterations carries no extra cost for the client and gives the family more options for enlargements, wall art groupings, albums, social media, etc.

Location: Irvine, CA.