Eight grandkids Wall Canvas Collage.
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Eight grandkids Wall Canvas Collage.

Barnet Photography created the images for this, eight grandkids wall canvas collage, during a long family portrait session at our client's home in Glendora. In addition to the large, entire family, the smaller families, many other subgroups and the grandchildren together, we photographed each of the grandchildren individually; in regular clothes and in their custom, numbered T shirts ordered specially for this portrait. This composite or collage ended up as a large canvas wrap in the wall of the client's den. This is probably the single largest family portrait we at Barnet Photography have photographed. Fortunately, the grounds of the grandparent's home were large, varied and very nice. Backgrounds and lighting, as the sun moved in the sky were challenging, but with the use of off camera lighting, reflectors, translucent panels and other techniques, including post production and retouching, we ended up with great images of all the groups and very happy clients!

Location: Private home in Glendora, California.