Black and White Studio Portrait of 2 Brothers
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Black and White Studio Portrait of 2 Brothers

This black and white studio portrait of 2 young brothers was photographed in the Barnet studio in Costa Mesa, California. Young children can be overstimulated during an environmental family session at a beach or park, on the other hand, a studio setting with large soft boxes on stands tripods, etc all around them can be intimidating. These two brothers didn't have any trouble making themselves at home in our studio. They are much closer than most siblings of different ages are, and it shows in this photo, with the older brother holding his younger sibling without any prompting. The dark solid color wardrobe helps focus attention on the boy's faces. Sometimes color portraits can take the viewer's attention away from the subject's faces. A B&W portrait, especially in this case, where color would not necessarily add any information to the story, takes the viewer's eyes right to the boy's faces.

Location: Barnet Studio, Costa Mesa, California. .