Beach Family Portrait at Sunset
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Beach Family Portrait at Sunset

This family portrait was done at Laguna Beach just before sunset. Most of Barnet Photography portrait clients are former wedding clients, like this couple who asked us to photograph their family several years after we photograph their wedding. We at Barnet Photography in Orange County, California love to create clients for life. Our creative style, unsurpassed customer service and attention to detail keeps our clients coming back.

Working in this type of beach environment can be a little tricky. We always photograph several groupings and individual photos during our location family portrait sessions. If we are working around sunset, the best time of the day for beach photos, we need to time the most important groups just before the sun sets. One of our secret weapons is being able to use large, off camera flash units in a way that looks natural, that's what we did at this session, without added lighting, there is no way we can have great looking backgrounds like this one and the subjects in the foreground well lit.

Location: Laguna Beach, California.