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Tradeshow Photographer

An array of gift with purchase options on display at Lancome's annual corporate event, was like a mini industry trade show for all the sales reps across the U.S. This event was held at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena. Regular customers of the brand wait with bated breath for those emails notifying them that if they spend x amount of money, an amazing goody bag like those featured here will be theirs. That is one reason why comprehensive coverage of product at an event is key--all loyal consumer eyes will be on the social media accounts of their favorite brands, and events like this spike curiosity about what is in the pipeline.

Not only could great photography help with sales, it also documents all the care and effort it took to not only set up these displays, but also all the work that went into deciding which products would be best to include in this swag bags. No doubt that it's a badge of honor for those involved to see everything come together so beautifully. We certainly are proud to play even a small part in the continued success of our clients!

Location: Pasadena, CA.