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Sports Celebrity Photography

This posed /candid photo of sports celebrity, NF'sL Desmond Howard, a Heisman Trophy winner was taken by Barnet Photography at a Client Appreciation Dinner hosted by UPS at the Hyatt Aviara Resort in Carlsbad, California.

Mr. Howard, a famous football player in College and the NFL was the speaker at this dinner and was a great hit, since most of the attendees were football fans. after his speech and a lively question and answer period, all attendees had their photos taken with Mr. Howard. We made rush 5x7 prints for the client to send to their guests as a memento.

Interestingly the client had planned to do these photos outdoors in front of a hedge near the outdoor dinner area, so we brought battery operated studio lighting (Profoto B1 units) for the portraits. The only problem is that by the time the photos were to be taken it was completely dark and the Client decided they wanted the UPS logo on each photo. This was a problem, given the dark hedge background. Fortunately, we had foreseen that possibility and had brought a roll of white seamless paper, stands and weights (it was a little windy), so we set that up and included the UPS logo in the corner in post. The client was very happy and loved the photos.

It's very important to know as much as possible about an assignment ahead of time, and if possible, scout the location prior to the event. In this case we were familiar with the venue having done other assignments there. We knew from experience that things might run late, and with the photos with the Guest speaker being last, we might need the background. This is the kind of can do attitude that Corporate Clients like, We at Barnet Photography are not only photographers but also team layers and problem solvers. This is what keeps our clients coming back and wins us new ones.

Location: Hyatt Aviara Resort, Carlsbad, California, USA.