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PR event photography

The photography coverage of this PR event, organized by Breguet a high end Jewelry store, by Barnet Photography in the South Coast Plaza Mall was to unveil a new wrist watch designed by this Jewelry and watch manufacturer. It was by invitation only and attracted many of the store's past clients and affluent members of the Orange County and Los Angeles community who are interesting in fine jewelry. The image depicted a string quartet preformance in an open area near the jewelry store for the enjoyment of their guests.

When covering these events we at Barnet Photography know that there are several goals, or assignments within the coverage; we must photograph important clients enjoying themselves, in small groups, couples, etc. We need also to connect the people to the event with backgrounds of the store's products and displays, and we need to show VIP's examining the products offered by the store. It is very important that everyone looks great, so a little direction is always welcomed by people attending these events where they know they will be photographed, but there is a fine line between a little direction and posing, everyone needs to look natural and the photographer should not interrupt their conversations and enjoyment of the event.

Barnet Photography is located very close to the South Coast Plaza Mall in Costa Mesa, CA

Location: South Coast Plaza Mall, Costa Mesa, CA, USA.