Photographic coverage of fund raising event
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Photographic coverage of fund raising event

This candid photo taken by Barnet Photography as part of the photographic coverage of a fund raising event in Los Angeles is of the head person of the organization, A Noise Within Theatre group in Pasadena, and one of the invited donors and patrons of the arts. At events like this it's very important to photograph invited guests with members of the organization sponsoring the event, especially in this case where the organization is a theatre group with the actors in attendance.

Barnet Photography photographs these events often. We always ask for a list of requested images if one is not sent to us, and we welcome someone from the organization arrange for groups if they like. We like to work as part of a team to make the event successful and we provide our clients with image for media release, sometimes overnight, and digital images or printed photographs to be presented to attending VIP's at a later date as a reminder of the event and as a thank you for their support of the organization.

Location: California Club, Los Angeles, California, USA.