Pelican Hill Golf Club Event Photography
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Pelican Hill Golf Club Event Photography

Our photography business has brought us to Pelican Hill Resort many times, but it's rare occasion that we get to see a pro in action at a golf club event. Great West Financial Group had gold star Jason Dufner come coach their team on technique and it was great fun documenting the lessons and learning a few tips by osmosis! This is an effective image because it fully tells the story--Dufner is clearly the educator while his GWS executive is intently taking in his expertise.

At Barnet Photography, we pride ourselves at being equally adept at photojournalistic coverage like this as well posing people when the time is right. And if an event organizer has gone the extra mile and secured a celebrity guest appearance, we make sure to get plenty of coverage on them. We recognize how valuable shots like these can be for a company's brand.

Location: 22800 S Pelican Hill Rd, Newport Coast, CA 92657.