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Pasadena Corporate Event Photographers

As corporate photographers serving the Los Angeles area, it's always a pleasure to get the call from a client holding their event at the beautiful Langham Hotel in Pasadena. The staff at this historic hotel have years of experience pulling off large scale events, and the organizers expect no less from a photography team. Add in the fact that the client was makeup giant Lancome, and the stakes were high to pull off our coverage without a hitch.

This image is a prime example of what we consider to be a job well done. Often speakers are presenting in front of a projection screen, which can be hard to photograph. In this case, both the executive and beautifully made floral graphics and brand name are clear and present, offering a clean view of the welcome portion of the conference. With so much attention put into every detail, we recognize the importance of getting our lighting and camera settings just right so that nothing is missed. We pride ourselves on having the technical know how to offer a well executed variety of images that successful brands can use for their publicity and archival needs.

Location: Pasadena, CA.