Orange County National Charity League Photographer
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Orange County National Charity League Photographer

Barnet Photography, in Orange County. California works with the National Charity League chapter based in Huntington Beach. This is an organization joined by young girls who spend several years volunteering in their communities through various organizations. The end of their active involvement, towards the end of their Senior Year in High School is commemorated with a very formal "Ball". The girls wear white formal gowns, their fathers wear white ties and tails and there is a formal "presentation" for each girl, that includes speeches, a formal dance and a party.

Several months prior to this formal event, each girl, usually with their mothers or friends, come to the studio for a formal portrait session. These photos will be used to illustrate the program for the event and also will be custom printed and framed to be displayed at several functions and then presented to each family.

Location: Costa Mesa, California. Barnet Studio.