Non Profit Fund Raising Event Photography
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Non Profit Fund Raising Event Photography

We at Barnet Photography know that Individual donors at a non profit fund raising event often know each other because they share at least one interest, to help the organization. Often donors also share membership in other clubs and organizations, so arranging photos like this one is not difficult, however, timing is everything, Barnet Photography works with organizations who depend partly on donations to continue their work, in this case, The Noise Within, a theatrical group in Pasadena, California.

When we photograph guests at these events, the photos are often used for media release, most people present don't mind having their photos published, but we have to be respectful of those who don't and may try to let us know in subtle ways. Also, some folks wish to be photographed with their friends or associates, so we have to "sense" that and arrange for it.

At events like these, experience is very important. Lighting and camera settings have to be second nature so we can concentrate on the people aspect of the assignment. We have to make everyone feel relaxed, comfortable and look good. Including our Clients!

Location: The California Club, Los Angeles, California.