Los Angeles Fundraising Gala Event Photography
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Los Angeles Fundraising Gala Event Photography

This image of a speaker at a gala fundraising event was taken by Barnet Photography at the California Club in downtown Los Angeles. During these events many speakers come up to present and accept contributions, talk about the organization's plans for the future, how the funds raised will be used, etc. In this case there was also an auction with the traditional numbered paddles at the tables. It's important that we capture everyone that speaks or appears on stage, without disrupting the event. We try, when ever possible to use longer lenses on low light friendly cameras and in this case off camera flash was also used. This means that the flash on the camera is putting out very little light, to not distract the speaker, and, at the same time, another small flash on a stand in the back of the room is triggered. This technique allows us to get great, well lit action photos without too much flash on the camera and with the backgrounds looking natural and not dark.

This is only one of the techniques that we at Barnet Photography use to deliver great quality photography with a minimum disruption to social events.

Location: The California Club, Los Angeles, California.