Los Angeles fund raising event photography
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Los Angeles fund raising event photography

Photography coverage of donors by Barnet Photography during a fundraising event for "The Noise Within" theater group at the California Club in downtown Los Angeles.

The Noise Within theatre is located in Pasadena California, it is a non profit organization that presents mostly classic theatre with an emphasis in exposing students, young and old, to classic theatre.

When we photograph these types of formal events we dress appropriately, we had two photographers at this event, and do our best to tell a complete story of the event, especially small group of guests and donors mingling with members of the organization, in this case the actors, directors, etc. It is important to feature as many patrons as possible during the cocktail and dinner hour without interrupting their enjoyment of the event. Fortunately, at these types of events, guests anticipate being photographed and are very cooperative. We often give quick direction to some of the guests to improve the group photo, this is very necessary and well received,because everyone likes to look their best.

We at Barnet Photography are very skilled in working with fundraising event guests. There is a very fine line between directing a little to make a group photo look great and taking too long to pose a group. We always do the former. Also, with challenging lighting situations in dark rooms and different group sizes, we have to work fast and not have to take many photos of the same group "until we get it right", we have the experience to know what a photo will look like before we take it. Barnet Photography uses the latest professional Nikon cameras, lenses and sometimes off-camera lighting that are specially designed for low light work.

Location: The California Club, LOs Angeles, California, USA.