Los Angeles Convention Photographer
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Los Angeles Convention Photographer

There are many aspects to photographing a convention. These vary slightly depending on who our Client is; it could be the convention organizers or one or more exhibitors.

The organizers want overall coverage of their entire event, sometimes these are multi day conventions. We need to deliver establishing images of the building, crowds checking in, the setup of each presenter's booth, with and without people and or staff, food services, related off site events, special events presented by exhibitors and much more. There are always VIP's that need to be photographed with other VIP's at different locations and much more.

This specific image created at a yearly, international photography industry convention is of an industry lading wedding photographer representing one of his sponsors during a special event to introduce new products. It's important, when possible, to link the event or speaker to the company name (in the background) and their products, in this case wedding albums and large photographic prints.

Location: Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada.