Gym Equipment Photography in Orange County
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Gym Equipment Photography in Orange County

This image, was photographed for our client Physica, a rehabilitation and physical therapy facility in Irvine California. Here the proprietor, Dr. Corey Hollis, is posing with our great model Kim Daniels, illustrating the proper use of one of their fitness machines.

When photographing facilities with manufacturing, fitness or other types of machinery, it's very important that the "talent" used for the photos is doing things the right and safe way, even if it's someone who works there, they need to be positioned properly, wear the right protective gear and so on.

It's also important to feature people in these types of promotional or advertising images whenever possible, for two main reasons. People give the location scale and feature the experts that the viewer would work with if he or she chooses to come to the facility. Overall, people in photos like this make them more interesting.

Location: Irvine, California.