Fundraising Event Photography
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Fundraising Event Photography

Barnet Photography specializes in Fundraising Event Photography, we serve Non-Profit institutions in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego.This event held at the California Club in downtown Los Angeles benefited a theatre group called A Noise Within in Pasadena. They had just finished building a new theatre, so they wanted to thank their donors and make a case for future support. Events like this usually include an auction. In this case it also included short performances from the shows played at the Theatre, that is what is depicted in the photo. It's very important to find key persons and important donors to photograph with the people in charge of the organization, and in this case, with the actors. A photographer covering this type of event is usually accompanied by someone from the organization who knows the players to help gather the groups, hold drinks, etc. It's up to the photographer to make everyone look good, engaging and having a good time. Backgrounds and lighting can be challenging, and because the room is usually crowded, wide angle lenses are helpful, but, we must avoid distortion, especially in the people at the ends of a group. The client does not want to publish a photo of the event with important donors looking heavier than they are. Attention to small details like this make Barnet Photography a leader in PR work and Fundraising event coverage.

Location: The California Club, Los Angeles, California.